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Bathroom Space

Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space

When you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, making the most out of small square footage is everything. Our clients always want their bathrooms to feel clean and open so that they do not feel cramped when getting ready in the morning or for bed. A strategic layout, smarter room organization, and the right design are all crucial for saving you space. With our team’s help, you’ll be surprised at how much larger your bathroom area can feel after renovations. Keep reading for some of our team’s best tips to gain space in your bathroom to make it feel more usable.

Open Concept Floor Plan

Open floor plans are our go-to for making homes feel more spacious and comfortable. Open things up in your bathroom by opting for a floor plan that prioritizes creating more space with less clunky designs. Go for a glass-enclosed shower instead of a shower curtain to provide a clear line of vision throughout the room to make it feel more spacious. Our clients have been turning towards showers that connect directly to the rest of the bathroom by forgoing a door or putting only one glass wall up. These aesthetically pleasing glass-enclosed showers are on trend right now because they allow your space to feel less encumbered and sectioned off while still serve the functionality of keeping water in the shower and not all over your bathroom floor. Our architectural designers and interior decorators can work with you to find out what floor plan will work best for you and your family's needs. We will take into account how much counter space you need, how many people will be using the bathroom, if you want a tub and shower, how much storage you need, and more to design your perfect bathroom.

Ensuite Bathroom

Streamlined Vanity

A clean and polished vanity does wonders for all of our client’s bathrooms. We have been including a lot of simple, minimalistic, straight-line vanities (even some without handles) to eliminate the feeling of clutter. Our team is experts at finding beautiful vanities that are leaner while still having enough storage and fitting your design taste. Anything that frees floor space will help your bathroom feel bigger so consider a wall-mounted vanity, cabinet, or shelving. Using the walls of your bathroom is a great way to make your space feel larger and get things off the floor. This way, your floor space won’t appear blocked off by a large furniture piece and you still have enough storage space for all of your bathroom necessities.

You can add shelving to empty walls or in strategic places to create more storage space that won’t lead to a cluttered feeling. Open shelving, in particular, is quite on-trend right now and lets you showcase some of your design favourites from bathroom trinkets, to luxury bath products, and anything that will add to the design of your space.  Remember to create closed shelving as well so that your less appealing products and more necessary bathroom items should have their own home out of sight. For these less attractive items, we recommend storage solutions like lean medicine cabinets or vanity drawer organizers that help keep your things accessible yet still hidden.

Bathroom Vanity

Optical Illusions

Make your bathroom look much bigger than it is by using simple optical illusion tricks. For example, all bathrooms should have at least one large mirror over the vanity. This mirror placement will not only help you get ready in the morning, but it will also help to make the room appear larger. The larger the mirror, both vertically and horizontally, the larger the room will feel. Another trick to make your area feel more spacious is to only use one kind of flooring throughout. We recommend this to most of our clients who are looking for a bigger bathroom because using one kind of flooring throughout the room and even continued into the shower will make the room feel more connected. Not having an obvious separation between your shower and the rest of your bathroom is also very on-trend right now and for good reason – it will help make the room look grand.

Bathroom Mirror

Bright and Light

If you want to make any room appear larger, avoid dark wall colours because they often make rooms appear smaller and more closed in than they actually are. Create the illusion of more space with light, crisp wall tones and colours instead. You should also try to incorporate as much natural light as possible into your bathroom to again make it feel airier and more open. Our team can help you update your outdated bathroom windows or add new ones to your space to let in more light. If windows are not possible in your bathroom (i.e. your bathrooms are not located on an outer wall) make sure you invest in great quality lighting. Our team can help choose the right lighting for your bathroom to ensure the right areas are accented to create the look of a bigger bathroom.

Bright Bathroom

Trust CHART with Your Bathroom Renovation Projects

Do you think it’s time for a bathroom renovation that will help your space feel larger? Whether you’re looking to open things up, install a new bathroom, or just want to freshen up your space, we’re here to get the job done. We have completed countless professional bathroom renovations for our clients and have the experience necessary to help you make the right choices for your home. When beginning your home renovation projects, trust the Canadian Home and Renovation Team to make the right choices and help guide you through the process. CHART is proud to be celebrating 40 years as one of the most prestigious renovators in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph area. Contact us to begin preparing your home for renovations and to get your projects started!

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